When is it a Good Idea to Hire an Inspector?

Many people hire home inspectors when they are ready to buy a house. This is especially true if the house is on the higher end of the market, and is being purchased in what seems to be like-new condition. At this time, having an inspection done reveals whether there are any hidden problems that will cost money or time down the road.

When problems are revealed prior to purchase, buyers use the information to decide whether or not to try to renegotiate the price. Often, the cost of the house can be reduced by the expected cost of the repair. In some cases, the buyer may decide to walk away instead. This is especially true if the discovered problem will be costly to repair, or if the problem is not feasible to fix at all.

Quality home inspections are also ordered by those who are ready to sell a house. Just like buyers, they don't want any surprises popping up that would cause them to make less money or not be able to sell at all. Getting home inspectors to come out prior to sale can also be a good shield against liability claims. In some states, sellers can be sued if the buyer encounters problems that were not disclosed in advance. If the seller can show that they got an inspection by a licensed professional, it will prove that they actively attempted to find all problems in advance.

Those who are living in a house that they don't intend to sell may think that there's no point in signing up for quality home inspections. After all, they experience the house every day! However, some problems are invisible. A professional radon check or an inspection of aging wiring can provide critical information that would otherwise be missed