Home Energy Score Assessment

An Energy Inspection is similar to an energy audit in that it defines components of a home that may have lower energy efficiency and describes ways in which you can improve these areas. The core difference from a standard energy audit is that no blower door test is performed to define where air leaks may be occurring. 

It provides the client information about: (a) how much the inspected home will cost to operate; (b) where energy (and, therefore, money) is being wasted in the home; and (c) what can be done to save energy and increase comfort by investing in home energy upgrades.


What does a Home Energy Inspection do for you?

  • helps protect the health and safety of home occupants;

  • empower homeowners with access to consistent, reliable information;

  • increase the energy performance, comfort level and durability of homes; and

  • help protect homeowners from fraud, deception, and unfair business practices in the home energy marketplace.

A more energy efficient home not only saves you money but typically will lead to a more comfortable home during the extreme seasons. For an additional charge of $100, we recommend this add-on to your home inspection so you can address issues before you move in.